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Strategy 2030

How We Got Here

Our new strategy was created by our staff, student and alumni community, through the biggest, most ambitious consultation we’ve ever undertaken.

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Creating our new strategy together

The process of developing our new strategy has been collaborative from the very beginning, and has involved the largest, most ambitious consultation we’ve ever attempted, with all our colleagues, students and alumni invited to take part.

In the spring, our ‘Big Conversations’ took place, bringing our community together to think and talk about the future, and to share ideas about the University of Exeter’s role in shaping that future. We also held conversations with experts and world leaders in all areas and used their thoughts to prompt and inspire our discussions.

Across all three Big Conversations, we heard directly from more than 4,000 colleagues, students and alumni who shared 85,000 comments, ideas and suggestions. In addition to this, we spoke to the University’s Equality, Diversity and inclusion groups, student leaders and school children from age 15 in different parts of the country and, together, we were able to create a strategy that sets out a vision for how we will meet the challenges and opportunities that the next 10 years will bring.