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Strategy 2030

How We Will Work

We will work together, guided by our values. We will break down barriers, use new technologies to meet the needs of our people, and maximise our positive impact on the world.

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Logo of a green cross representing collaboration.


We will be a university without barriers, working together across our academic disciplines, professional service teams, current student body, global alumni community and partners. Doing so makes us stronger and makes the work we do together more creative, innovative, rewarding and fun.

We commit to nurturing and supporting team and cross–disciplinary collaboration to achieve our goals. We will create time, space, support and initiatives to enable innovation and discovery and to make us leaders in this way of working.

Sustainably icon, representing the institution's commitment to environmental responsibility.


We will be a recognised leader in organisational, financial and environmental sustainability. Through our ethical partnerships and investments, we will maximise our positive impact on the world.

We commit to designing our services with and for their users and we will simplify our governance and decision-making to create the time and resources we need to tackle the big challenges and to innovate. We will ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the organisation through rigorous management of our finances and assets, to enable us to invest in our strategic priorities. We will ensure that our colleagues and students are supported to thrive, entering into lifelong relationships with us as an employer and institution. We will demonstrate leadership in rebuilding and regeneration through our response to the environment and climate emergency, delivering on the commitments in our carbon management plan, delivering net zero throughout our operations and driving change within and through our partnerships.

Digital technologies infographic.


Digital technologies will transform both ‘what we do’, through the use of research, insight and data, and ‘how we do it’, through our workplace design, the skills we develop, and the way we work and collaborate. Our digital transformation will have our people and their needs at its heart.

We commit to investing in digital technology and digital skills development, working with partners who share our values, in order to strengthen our education, research and partnerships and to meet the needs of our students and colleagues across and between our campuses.

Our Values

Emblem featuring an eye, symbolising discovery.


We thrive on imagination and creativity to make new discoveries and to innovate in our ways of working.

Green heart with two circles inside, representing respect. A visual infographic on the concept of respect.


We respect our community and our environment, and we build trust and wellbeing by showing kindness.

Green star icon on black background, representing excellence star infographic.


We seek to excel and deliver the very best in everything that we do.

Green and white logo for Inclusion Circles infographic.


We welcome and champion diversity to create a sense of belonging so that everyone is valued.

Logo representing a community atom infographic.


We work best when we collaborate to deliver shared priorities and goals.