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Strategy 2030

Our Partnerships

Together we will overcome today's challenges and provide solutions for a better tomorrow.

We must work together to overcome the challenges of the twenty-first century. We will work with partners, students and alumni across our campuses, our region and the world in our pursuit of new knowledge, opportunities and impact.

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  • In partnership with our students, we will create a sector-leading student experience.
  • We will partner with organisations to exchange research and technology, together creating new ways to increase productivity and grow meaningful jobs.
  • We will be partners in global networks of universities with shared values, creating new research and education opportunities.

Strategic priorities

  • We will launch a new business engagement initiative, allowing businesses and other organisations to easily access and benefit from our capabilities, expertise and skills.
  • We will help our researchers and educators to find the right partner organisations to co-create and exchange knowledge and innovation.
  • We will create joint positions with businesses, public and third sector organisations and global partners to increase knowledge transfer and the impact of our work.
  • We will develop a sector-leading partnership with the Students’ Guild and the Students’ Union so that the student voice is at the heart of our decision making and strategic planning.
Download Exeter's Strategy 2030