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Strategy 2030

Our Place

Together we are connected across the world.

We are a global university with regional, national and international impact and relevance.

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In our region

We will be a university embedded in our community, increasing opportunities for our local residents and taking a leading role in the prosperity and success of the region.


  • With our partners in the South West we will increase the productivity of regional businesses, grow new jobs and support sustainable growth.
  • We will build an exceptional education ecosystem in Exeter, Cornwall and across the South West that creates the best opportunities to flourish and delivers the lifelong skills people will benefit from in a rapidly changing economy.
  • We will commit our resources – intellectual, physical and human – to increase skills levels and to support the region in becoming an international hub for net zero, clean growth and nature recovery.
  • We will support and enhance the culture, heritage, creative life and economy of our region.

Strategic priorities

  • We will launch a Net Zero Plus Innovation Hub for the South West, supporting regional businesses and organisations with their climate and environment action plans. We will attract start-ups and entrepreneurs to the region, providing skills development for green and digital transformation and building the South West into an international leader in climate action, biodiversity and natural capital.
  • We will grow our research, education and partnership activities in Cornwall, aligning our activities with regional priorities and building on our reputation for sustainability.
  • We will further develop our St Luke’s campus with a health and wellbeing focus, scaling up our biomedical and clinical research power.
  • We will develop Civic University agreements across the South West committing to delivering our shared priorities including environment, health, culture and skills.
  • In the City of Exeter, through the development of the Creative Arc, we will work collaboratively to enhance regional development, economic regeneration, wellbeing and quality of life.

In our world

We will be a globally networked university, offering outstanding education and research opportunities for our communities, and creating strong partnerships to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.


  • With universities, organisations and communities around the world, we will work together, combining our knowledge and expertise to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We will use technology to deepen, extend and facilitate our collaborations, transcending international boundaries and helping to tackle the environment and climate emergency.
  • Our international teaching, learning and employability opportunities will prepare our students to become active global citizens making a positive impact on the world.

Strategic priorities

  • We will enhance our international academic reputation through investing in the excellence of our research and education and our leadership in environment, human health and social justice. 
  • Working with our partners, we will deliver innovative joint programmes and global classrooms to create a community of learners around the world. 
  • We will engage our global alumni community to benefit from their expertise, networks and insights to support the delivery of our strategic vision. 
  • We will increase the international diversity of our student and staff community.
Download Exeter's Strategy 2030