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Strategy 2030

Our Research and Innovation

Together we will work for a brighter future.

Our dynamic and innovative research culture will foster new discoveries, inspire creativity and bring people together to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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  • Through our interdisciplinary research institutes, networks, centres, departments and partnerships, we will work across teams and disciplines to make new discoveries and tackle societal challenges on a local, national and global level. We will build, support, enable and promote this way of working.
  • We will create transformational relationships with external partners to ensure that our research is translated for public good and economic prosperity.
  • Our research excellence will be underpinned and enhanced by an open, ethical and supportive research culture and environment.

Strategic priorities

  • We will create the Exeter Futures initiative to support bold, new research ideas, working across disciplines and with our partners to address societal challenges. Each year, we will support a number of new research ideas from the community and provide the resources and time for teams to pursue ambitious new avenues of research.
  • We will develop a sustainable research model for the future and support our researchers to grow and diversify income sources from business, governments and other external funding bodies.
  • We will redesign our campuses to ensure that we have the space for co-creation, innovation and partnership.
  • We will launch a series of research networks that enhance and support our disciplinary and interdisciplinary strengths.
Download Exeter's Strategy 2030