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Birks Grange Village
New North Road

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Birks Grange Village key facts

Birks Grange Village has been built by our partners University Partnership Programme (UPP) and provides townhouse, en-suite and studio accommodation.

Please be aware that essential repairs and improvement works, are scheduled to take place on a number of blocks located at our Birks Grange Village (self-catered blocks only). Full details of the works taking place, including the schedule and maps highlighting the affected blocks, are available on the Essential repairs and improvements webpage.

There are 13 townhouses with 156 bedrooms in total. Each townhouse has 12 bedrooms on 3 floors, with four bedrooms and two shower rooms on each floor. The shower room has a shower, toilet and hand basin; there are no wash basins within any of the bedrooms. Each of the townhouses have a shared kitchen/diner on the ground floor.

There are 286 single en-suite rooms with a shared kitchen/diner in cluster flats of up to eight rooms.

The 390 single studios are open-plan and include a double bed, workspace, en-suite bathroom (toilet, washbasin and shower) and small kitchenette/diner. Nine of these rooms are larger and available to student couples.

Residents are able to use the facilities in the Birks Grange Village Central Block, which is a catered residence.

Please note that the only blocks within Birks Grange Village which have an accessible lift are H and F.

To see more images of this residence, please view our Flickr gallery.

Accessibility information is available on the AccessAble website.

This residence is managed by UPP.

  • Undergraduates and postgraduates (in dedicated blocks)
  • 40 week contract for townhouse, ensuite, studio rooms
  • 51 week contract for studio
  • 12 minute walk to centre of campus
  • Wifi
  • No aerial sockets provided; students can use a laptop or desktop to watch TV 
  • Laundry facilities available
  • Shop
  • Bike storage 
  • Adapted rooms in ensuite and studio blocks*
  • Shop
  • Nearby access to the Kay House Music Practice Room

*Once we have allocated all students with special requirements, any remaining adapted rooms will be allocated to the next student requesting accommodation.


The prices below are the contract length total per room.
SC Birks Grange Village Studio £6,938.73 £7,200.99 40
SC Birks Grange Village Studio £8,853.72 £9,199.36 51*
SC Birks Grange Village Double Studio £8,157.96 £8,464.86 40
SC Birks Grange Village En-suite £6,143.58 £6,375.15 40
SC Birks Grange Village Townhouse £5,401.44 £5,605.11 40

* Students living in a 51 week contract should note that other rooms across Birks Grange Village may be used for commercial purposes during the summer vacation and so our residences are used by visitors of all ages.

Room size

Townhouse standard rooms at Birks Grange Village are approximately 9.9m2 (2904mm x 3406mm).

En-suite rooms at Birks Grange Village are approximately 14.7m2 (2756mm x 5316mm).

Single studios at Birks Grange Village are approximately 16.1m2 (2806mm x 5736mm).

Double studios at Birks Grange Village are approximately 32m2 (5600mm x 11460mm).

These measurements are a guide only. In some residences room sizes vary considerably.

Bed size

All townhouse and en-suite rooms have longer length single beds (6'9" by 3').

Studios have longer length three-quarter double beds (6'9" by 4') except some rooms in H block which have longer length double beds (6'9" by 4'6").

The mattresses are seven inches (20 cm) thick and, due to their longer length, standard fitted sheets may not fit these mattresses. We recommend for studios a flat sheet of 7' by 4'6" and for en-suite and townhouses a flat sheet of 7' by 4'.


Your postcode is depending on your block and room number

  • Block F - EX4 4FS
  • Block G - EX4 4FT
  • Block H - EX4 4GP
  • Block J floors LG to 1 - EX4 4FZ
  • Block J floors 2 to 4 - EX4 4GD
  • Block K - EX4 4GF
  • Block L - EX4 4GG
  • Block M - EX4 4GH
  • Block N - EX4 4GJ
  • Block P - EX4 4GJ
  • Block Q - EX4 4GJ

Welcome to BGV and Duryard video

  • Bed, wardrobe, desk and chair.
  • Bookshelves, desk lamp or built-in lighting, noticeboard and waste bin.
  • High speed wired and wireless network/internet from Glide Student. Please register using the links below:

  • IPTV is available via your computer and can be arranged through Glide Student. Please note you will still need a TV Licence to watch live TV or BBC iPlayer from any device.
  • Shower, washbasin and toilet facilities in en-suite rooms.

Shared kitchens have a cooker with oven, hob and grill, microwave, fridge/freezer, water boiler/kettle, dining table, chairs and an ironing board. You will need to bring pots and pans, cutlery and crockery.

The quantity of items provided depends on the size of the flat. You will need to provide pots and pans, cutlery and crockery.

Please see our ‌Cleaning and Kitchen Equipment User Guide‌ for information on how to use the gas and electrical equipment within kitchens and information on cleaning.

Self catered accommodation at the University of Exeter