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SafeZone is our free app based system for students and staff that enhances your personal safety and connects you round-the-clock directly to the University Estate Patrol Security team. It provides a quick and easy way for users to alert Estate Patrol if you ever need advice or urgent help when on campus.

SafeZone allows you to call for help and alerts the security team of your situation and location, so that we can co-ordinate to help you quickly and effectively.

SafeZone is GDPR compliant and your location stays private unless you use the check-in options or you request urgent or medical assistance

If you have any more questions about the use of SafeZone here are a few links to provide more information:

Instructions on how to install the SafeZone app

  1. Install the app
    SafeZone, from CriticalArc, is available for download from the following app stores:

    Google Play Store Apple App Store
  2. Register with SafeZone
    Once you have downloaded the app, you must register for the University of Exeter’s SafeZone service using your University email address.
  3. Stay safe
    Once you’ve signed up, if you use the app to make a call or alert, this will be received by the Estate Patrol team. You will also receive critical security notifications from the University. The regions section allows you to see which areas of campus are covered by SafeZone.
  4. Using the app
    First aid- for when you need medical assistance.
    Emergency - for when you need urgent assistance.
    Help – for when you need non-emergency assistance.
    Check in - share your location with Security for your personal safety.
    Notifications - if there is an incident on campus that requires you to take action.
    Privacy - your location stays private unless you request assistance or check-in.