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University minibus services

The University shuttle services are designed to assist commuters in getting to work when there may be no alternative public transport options available. We currently run 3 separate services;

The early morning minibus is for colleagues who start earlier than usual working hours, to provide a transport option when there may be little or no public transport available at that time.

The service runs once only Monday - Friday, with the first pick up at the corner of Belgrave Road and Cheeke Street, oposite the bus station at 0700.  The service then goes through Heavitree, Whipton, up Beacon Lane and on to the University arriving at 0725.  The full route and stops can be found here - Early Morning Route‌‌

The University provides a minibus shuttle between St David's railway station and the Exeter Campuses.

This service is aimed at colleagues who commute via train to Exter St David's station, however students are also able to use this service. It runs on a constant loop between the station car park (Kingdom Mews by taxi rank) and Streatham Campus. If you wish to travel on to St Luke's Campus or the RILD building please indicate to the driver when you board. You should also have your ID card available and must be shown on request.

The service drops off at the main bus stop at the top of Stocker Road.

The service runs between 07:45 - 10:30* and departs approximately every 15 to 20 minutes (subject to traffic congestion). 

*The final bus at 10:30 will terminate at Streatham Campus and will not visit St Luke's.

The service is aimed at those who commute by train to get back to St David's Station.

The evening shuttle runs two services - one from St Luke's Campus and the RILD building to Exeter St Davids, and a second one from Streatham Campus back to St David's station.

Service Days Times Route
St David's evening shuttle (from Streatham Campus) Mon-Fri 16:00-18:40 Lay-by outside the Geoffrey Pope building, Streatham Campus to Exeter St Davids Station. The minibus will leave the layby outside the Geoffrey Pope building at the following times:

16.00, 16.20, 16.40, 17.20, 17.40, 18.00 and 18.20

St David's Evening shuttle (from St Luke's Campus) Mon-Fri


St Luke's, Magdalen Road Car Park

Magdalen Road Car Park at the rear of Richards building to Exeter St David's station