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Global Partnerships

North America

In the USA and Canada, Exeter works closely with some world class institutions, building partnerships together over time and combining to deliver for the strategic ambitions of our universities. 

Exeter has established formal agreements to provide an array of joint funding mechanisms, delivered through close co-operation with partners that include Duke University, The University of British Columbia, Berkeley and Arizona State. 

Strategic Partners in North America:

Since 2019 Duke & Exeter have supported collaboration around complementary strengths in many areas of shared priority, generating projects in areas such as Marine Sciences, Health and well-being, Data Science, Mycology, Ageing, Global Politics and Area Studies. Duke & Exeter faculty have secured major grants, produced publications and project work generating impact internationally. In the coming years the universities have agreed to move forwards on cooperation addressing global health challenges, ways of more sustainable living, public policy, global security, and computational social sciences.

Exeter and UBC have co-funded initiatives in 2018 to enable the exchange of visiting scholars, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows; running joint conferences, seminars and study workshops, encouraging new programme development. University-wide exchanges were formalised in 2019 and we have since sponsored research collaborations in areas including Critical Heritage, Indigenous Studies, Health Sciences, Climate Change, Ecology, Biosciences, Digital Humanities, Creativity Health & Well-being, Water systems Engineering, Energy use, Mining Engineering, Blue Health/Blue communities.  

Our work together has opened doors to new knowledge, generating joint field studies, the co-development of new training & curricula and significant external funding for UBC and Exeter to scale collaborative Research. The universities are now looking ahead with a renewed focus on Sustainability and Resilience and ambition to work closely on shared priorities. 

Exeter Engineering partners with Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology on engagement with venture teams, connecting entrepreneurial investment networks to support development of ideas and co-deliver a summer school in Technology Innovation.

In spring 2024 Exeter and Arizona State University signed a formal declaration of intent to work together in expanding higher education’s commitment to meaningful climate action. The Presidents of the two universities established an agreement committing our leadership & climate science leaders to working together as part of a global network producing actionable ideas - through discovery, learning, solutions, networks & engagement – in focus areas including water, food systems, future cities, governance & decision-making. The agreement also encourages the development of bi-lateral Research and Education innovation as we work together for the future of the planet.