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Adobe's own FAQs about Adobe CS6
How to find your PC name:

Press the ‘Windows-Flag’ key and the ‘Pause/Break’ key on your keyboard together.

Look for the information listed under ‘Computer Name, domain and workgroup settings’. PC Name is listed as ‘Computer name:’

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Adobe offer the following products as part of their 'Creative Cloud' Subscription Service.  Creative Cloud subscriptions can be purchased for staff only to use on both University provided workstations, or personal devices.  Creative Cloud Subscriptions also include access to iPad apps.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Acrobat is also included in the Creative Suite or can be purchased separately on a subscription for £116 +VAT per annum 

These can be either subscriped to individually or for the full Creative Cloud suite. Full details of the Creative Cloud service, and all the apps available, can be found on the Adobe website.

ProductPrice per annum
Creative Cloud Full Suite £216 +VAT
Individual Creative Cloud Apps £94.56 +VAT
Standalone Adobe Acrobat Subscription £116 +VAT

All University of Exeter subscriptions are set to renew on the same anniversary of 3rd Dec each year. Therefore, the first years subscription will be for a pro-rata rate until this date at £18 +VAT per month for the full suite, £7.88 +VAT per month for individual Creative Cloud apps or £9.67 +VAT for standalone Adobe Acrobat Subscription. The Adobe Subscription license for these products allows you to install the packages on up to 2 devices per license, as long as you are the primary user for both machines and that they are not used concurrently.

To order raise an IT Service Desk Request via

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is also available on subscription as a Document Cloud app. However, there is also an option to purchase a single perpetual licence for Adobe Acrobat (no subscription). If you only require Adobe Acrobat and do not expect to require any further Adobe Creative Cloud applications, then a single perpetual licence would be a better option. A single perpetual Adobe Acrobat Pro licence is a one-off cost of £131 +VAT and this licence can only be used on University of Exeter Managed computers (not available to licence home/personal use computers).

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is included within the Document Cloud app version of Adobe Acrobat with a limited number of 'signatures' available to be generate.

Other Adobe Products

The following are available as standalone separate products for a one off (no subscription) price. Please request a quote direct through the IT Service Desk at



Price ex VAT

‌Adobe Acrobat Professional £131
Adobe Captivate


Photoshop Elements


Photoshop and Premiere Elements £44.32
Premiere Elements £24.33

University's FAQs aboutAdobe CS6 (below)

Adobe announced in 2013 that there will be no future CS versions, that is, no CS7. The CS product line will be frozen at CS6. The exception is Acrobat Pro, which will continue to be developed independently, and be available either through Creative Cloud or by separate purchase of a permanent license. In January 2015 Adobe announced that CS6 will no longer be available at CLP (discount) rates after February 27, 2015, but only at full commercial rates. Acrobat and Captivate will be unaffected by this change.

In January 2015, Adobe announced that CLP rates will be discontinued on February 28, 2015, except for Acrobat and Captivate , resources and ongoing staff support

No, maintenance for CS6 does not transition into Creative Cloud.

No, Adobe is discontinuing this service, except for Acrobat Pro licenses.

You can keep using your current Creative Suite software indefinitely. You can activate your Adobe software on a new computer if you first deactivate it on your old computer. New Creative Cloud apps will be backward-compatible with CS6 for at least 5 years (June 2018).

Yes, this change to Adobe licensing is affecting all of Adobe's customers, including other Higher-Ed institutions.

PDF Editor/Reader Alternatives

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (for reading PDF files) is free.
  • Mac OS X has a simple way to print any document to a PDF file from the printer dialog box when printing from any application on the Mac.
  • For Windows there are free PDF writers that will let you print any document to a PDF file, especially CutePDF Writer
  • Certain programs provide their own PDF-export support, especially Microsoft Office; just open the menu, select Export, and select "Create PDF/XPS Document".
  • To split and merge individual PDF pages, PDFSAM (PDF Split And Merge) is opensource freeware, for Mac and Windows and Linux: see:
  • To create PDF files from any program, digitally sign and encrypt, PDFCreator is opensource freeware (for Windows only) see:

Photoshop Alternatives

Illustrator Alternatives

InDesign Alternatives

Dreamweaver Alternatives