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Maple is a package for calculating and displaying the results of complex mathematical processes.

Maple creates mathematical documents that allow you to show the stages involved in a process, enter and edit values and change the elements of calculations, and display results in numerical or graphical forms. Maple includes word processing functions allowing you to enter and format plain text, as well as a powerful equation editor that helps you to insert thousands of mathematical symbols to compile complex equations and expressions.

Maple documents are interactive, showing changes in results as you change the values of individual parameters in your equations and diagrams. An extensive system of context-sensitive menus allows you to select individual objects (equations, symbols, graphical plots, etc) and change their properties as appropriate. Graphical tools like buttons and sliders can be added to documents giving animated interaction to change values and other features. Maple can also output procedures and documents to a number of different programming languages and applications.

Maple is covered by the University’s Maple Site Licence, which allows installation on any University-owned PC at no further charge per copy.

Available to staff on the University payroll to install on their personal PC - at no charge. This can be downloaded from the Exeter IT - Home Software Hub

The licence does not allow Post-graduates or under-graduates to use Maple on a privately-owned PC.

To find out more, please contact the contact us in the first instance. A support call will be logged for you and your enquiry will be assigned to an appropriate advisor.

Our subscription includes the Maple Elite Maintenance Program, which carries the following benefits:

  • The Maple Application Center has over 2500 complimentary Maple worksheets in over 80 categories developed by users from around the world.
  • The Maple Teacher Resource Center has free, professionally developed content, curriculum guidance and resources, all created for teachers who use Maple in the classroom.
  • The Maple Student Center provides students with tutorials and other resources to help them prepare for class and excel in their studies.
  • Upcoming Live Webinars and a library of Recorded Webinars, both free of cost, allow users to learn more about Maplesoft products through in-depth discussions and demonstrations:
  • The Maple Documentation Center includes the Maple user manual, programming guides, installation instructions and an online help system.