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POSTPONED: The ethical implications of AI and data science research

Open to University of Exeter staff and students

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED Join a panel of colleagues from the Institute for Data Science and AI for an opportunity to consider and discuss the ethical implications when undertaking AI and data science research.

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The focus of this discussion will be on providing practical guidance on how and when researchers should consider the ethical implications of their research, what form those implications could take, and how the research should be designed to take account of potential implications. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions from the audience.

Panel members will include:

Professor Sabina Leonelli (Chair) - Professor of Philosophy and History of Science and IDSAI theme lead for Data Governance, Algorithms and Values

Dr Eddie Awad - Lecturer in the Department of Economics and IDSAI

Professor Sarah Hartley - Associate Professor in the Department of Science, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Professor Leif Isaksen - Director of Digital Humanities at Exeter and IDSAI theme lead for Digital Humanities

Dr Miriam Koschate-Reis - Senior Lecturer in Social and Organisational Psychology and IDSAI theme lead for Politics and Policy

Professor Ronaldo Menezes - Professor of Data and Network Science and Head of the Department of Computer Science

Gail Seymour - Research Ethics and Governance Manager

Professor Pete Vukusic - Professor of BioPhotonics, Associate Dean for Education and Ethics Chair for the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Science

Dr Danny Williamson - Senior Lecturer in Statistics and IDSAI theme lead for Foundations of Data Science

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LSI Seminar Room A