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SAAME - South American Archaeology Meeting at Exeter

A one day conference about South American material histories and contemporary struggles for the definition of cultural/natural resources.

Event details

The SAAME 2020 under the theme Archaeology in South America: dialogues across, territories, disciplines, and imaginations aims at exploring the intersections between the traditional concerns of archaeology with the flows of indigenous politics and world-making practices.

The meeting will examine the diverse range of long-term configurations of people-land-materials-other beings that characterise the region, looking into the conceptual and methodological toolkits that may best match such diversity and complexity. Of particular interest is how such configurations meet the new challenges imposed by the ever expanding, and evolving, contemporary conflicts over natural/cultural substances, materials and knowledges, which may be claimed as ‘resources’ by various agencies and bodies with intersecting and conflicting aims and agendas.

The meeting will be bilingual (Spanish – English), and it will be delivered through Zoom on 2nd July (14.00 – 16.30, UK time).

For more information, visit the SAAME 2020 website.

Tickets are available to book through eventbrite - Book tickets.