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Prof. John Eade, (UCL), 'Desecularisation in the Global City: Religious Diversity and Growth in Contemporary London'

SPA Research Seminar

Abstract:During the last 60 years three forms of mobility have played a crucial role in the process of home-making across London global migration, suburbanisation and gentrification. While these mobilities have been extensively analysed in terms of secular processes, the role of religion is becoming ever more evident as Christian congregations revive and a variety of mosques, temples and gurudwaras transform local landscapes. This talk will explore the continuing, albeit changing, relevance of religion in London by analysing the involvement by Christian, Muslim and Hindu congregations in the making of multiple homes across the metropolis. I will link this process of diverse home-makings to current debates about post-secular cities. While global migration, suburbanisation and gentrification operate here in specific local contexts across a particular city, these modes of mobility operate around the globe and encourage comparison with American and Australian cities. Hence, the talk will conclude by referring to the global context of both desecularisation and secularisation in urban conditions.

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Amory B315