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CRPL Research Methods Seminar Series - Lydia Speyer, Edinburgh University - Making Sense of Developmental Relations using ALT-SR and GVAR models

Event details

Making Sense of Developmental Relations using ALT-SR and GVAR models 


Longitudinal data has opened up a range of possibilities for investigating reciprocal relations between multiple constructs as they developmentally unfold over time. This talk will give a short introduction to using two state-of-the-art modelling techniques that can be used to analyse such relations using the open-source software R: Autoregressive Latent Trajectory Models with Structured Residuals and Graphical Vector Autoregression Models. These models focus on disaggregating within from between-person effects when modelling concurrent and temporal interrelations between multiple repeated measures variables simultaneously, making them well suited to study within-person processes such as the developmental relations between different mental health domains. These methods will be illustrated using data on children’s socio-emotional development from the Millennium Cohort Study.


About the speaker:

Lydia Gabriela Speyer is a third-year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on analysing longitudinal data such as the Millennium Cohort Study using Structural Equation Modelling and Network Analysis to gain insights into the developmental relations of different domains of psychosocial functioning as well as the effect of perinatal environmental and genetic risk factors on children’s socio-emotional development.