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Language & Education Network Research Seminar - Beatriz Gonzalez-Fernandez (University of Sheffield) -

Regular network meeting for staff and students (all welcome)

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L2 Vocabulary Knowledge: Conceptualisation and acquisition of word-knowledge components

Vocabulary knowledge is a complex construct that involves mastering various types of word knowledge, such as spelling, form-meaning mapping, collocations and derivatives (Nation, 2020). Achieving this depth of vocabulary mastery is deemed challenging and problematic for second language (L2) learners, and yet it is key for successful and appropriate language use (Schmitt, 2014; Webb & Nation, 2017). By understanding how these various kinds of knowledge behave and relate, practitioners can better systematise when and how they are introduced to the students, and thus facilitate the overall vocabulary learning process. 

Nevertheless, little is still known about how these multiple types of word knowledge are acquired by L2 learners, which in turn leads to inconsistent opinions regarding the best way to conceptualise these word-knowledge components and the overall vocabulary knowledge construct. The present talk will discuss existing research on how the various components involved in word knowledge are known and acquired in L2 English, and will interpret these findings in order to shed light on an empirical conceptualisation of vocabulary knowledge in second languages.  


Beatriz Gonzalez-Fernandez, University of Sheffield (



The recording of this seminar is now available on the following link: