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EGENIS seminar: "The Politics of Scientific Pluralism in Global Perspective" Dr David Ludwig (Wageningen University & Research)

Egenis seminar series

Epistemic and ontological diversity have become core topics in debates about global challenges from deforestation to food security to public health. Responding to these challenges does not only require scientific expertise but the knowledge of diverse stakeholders who are commonly marginalized in academic knowledge production. The aim of this talk is to bring concerns about global knowledge diversity in dialogue with philosophical debates about scientific pluralism.

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On the one hand, pluralist frameworks can help to articulate core claims of epistemic and ontological diversity that have become crucial for negotiations of global scientific practices. On the other hand, global contestations of science and technology raise methodological and political challenges for debates about scientific pluralism. Generic appeals to diversity are not sufficient to address tensions between radically different epistemological and ontological perspectives that suggest different ways of doing science and engaging with environments. Global negotiations of science and technology therefore require novel perspectives on the politics of different forms of plurality and the normative resources of scientific pluralism.

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