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Philosophy of Coordination

Co-Hosted by Egenis and Radboud University

As a follow-up to the workshop held in Nijmegen in Nov 2018, Egenis, The Centre for the study of Life Sciences at University of Exeter and the Philosophy of Mind and Language group at Radboud University Nijmegen are organising a small online workshop on the Philosophy of Coordination on Friday January 29th 2021.

Event details

On some accounts, co-ordination is the means by which separate processes are brought together and contribute to complex phenomena or behaviour. In cognitive science, for example, people’s or robots’ behaviours may coordinate with artefacts, giving rise to integrated cognitive systems. Philosopher and cognitive scientist David Kirsh writes that "co-ordination is the glue of distributed cognition and it occurs at all levels of analysis" (2006: 250). This small workshop concerns the philosophy of coordination within social and cultural contexts, including (though not limited to) social cognition and action, embodied and distributed cognition, and more.

The workshop will be held on Zoom and the format will be a series of short presentations with opportunities for discussion after each. Anyone interested may attend. 

210114_Booklet_ver_2.pdfProgramme (333K)