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EGENIS seminar: "Regulating the Circulation of Knowledge across US Borders: A transnational approach" Prof John Krige (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Egenis seminar series

This talk will explore the contours of a gray zone of knowledge that is neither classified, nor can circulate freely, and then trace the historical arc of one major instrument – export controls – as mobilized by the U.S. national security state to regulate its movement across national borders. To illustrate the range of regulatory instruments devised, I will then briefly describe how the meaning of fundamental research in biomedicine was recently fashioned by the NIH to bring it within the purview of the national security state. To conclude, I will discuss the interest of a transnational approach to knowledge circulation as a method that can help us to overcome the more or less total absence of any engagement with this gray zone in the scholarly literature.

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It is an approach that both encapsulates the role of scientific internationalism but that also escapes from the epistemological obstacles that it places to our understanding of the political economy of knowledge production and circulation in an interconnected world. 

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