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Routes Event: Precarious protection: Inside Europes Asylum Appeals with Dr Nick Gill

Routes Event: 'Precarious protection: Inside Europe's Asylum Appeals' with Dr Nick Gill

This will be an informal talk outlining some of the findings from a set of ethnographies of asylum appeals in France, Germany, the UK, Belgium and Austria conducted over the last few years by researchers at Exeter University as part of the ASYFAIR project. It will examine why asylum appeals are important, but also some of the challenges they encounter on the ground. It will raise concerns about the superficiality and (in)accessibility of legal protection via asylum appeals, and use this to reflect on some of the problematics of refugee protection more broadly.

Event details

_ROUTES_Event___20210505_Precarious_protection_Inside_Europe_s_Asylum_Appeals___ASYFAIR___Nick_Gill.pdf (617K)