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A conversation with Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé: On impasse, internationalism and radical change

IAIS, the European Centre for Palestine Studies and the Exeter Decolonising Network will be continuing our conversations series over the next two months. Please join us!

Event details

In the second of our conversations with Professor Ilan Pappé, we welcome Professor Noam Chomsky to reflect on the seeming ‘impasse of the present’ on local and global stages.  From stark inequalities exposed by the pandemic to the continuing rightward shift in Israeli politics, our present moment has left many with a sense of intractability – the feeling that current conditions cannot be radically changed, despite our best efforts.  At this critical time, we ask Professor Pappé (University of Exeter) and Professor Chomsky (University of Arizona) to consider whether ‘impasse’ might be something other than a situation from which we cannot move forward.  Rather, how might this be a period of activity, awareness, transition, clarification, coordination, adaptation and process?

From internationalism and the fight against racial capitalism, to creating strategies for climate justice and decolonisation, we invite Professors Chomsky and Pappé to speak to us about activism, discontent, resistance and responsibility.  Please join us for a conversation that will engage with the violence of the present, while moving toward liberation and justice in the future.

Please note

The ticketed Zoom event is now full, but you can join a live stream and chat on the IAIS YouTube channel. The live stream will appear when the event begins:

In case of any queries please feel free to contact Katie Natanel