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Places as Paradigm Shifters

#esiStateOfTheArt talk by Featured ESI Academic of the month/ Inaugural lecture: Professor Caitlin DeSilvey

This event is being organised by the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) and the The Centre for Geography and Environmental Science (CGES).

Event details

Caitlin DeSilvey’s research has contributed to a gradual paradigm shift in conservation and heritage practice by exploring how cultural value and significance can be generated by working with natural processes of change and transformation, rather than against them. This focus on process, rather than preservation, has been articulated through collaborative development of a series of novel concepts, including ‘anticipatory history’, ‘curated decay’ and 'adaptive release'. In her inaugural lecture, she will reflect on how these ideas emerged from extended relationships with certain places and people over the last two decades, and suggest directions for new enquiry in a climate-changed future.