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Social Science research for sustainability

An ESI ECR event

This workshop will be held by visiting academic, Prof Ina Horlings from the University of Groningen. She will also be delivering the ESI State of the Art talk on 7 June at 4pm titled "Transforming places together: citizens and community engagement responding to climate change."

Event details

Please read this open access paper by Prof Horlings before the workshop: Operationalising transformative sustainability science through place-based research: the role of researchers.

This event is for the University of Exeter staff and students only.
Please fill this form to register. Cream teas will be served from 3.30pm in the ESI Interactive Space.



Lummina (Ina) Horlings is affiliated as Prof. Socio-Spatial planning at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. She has an educational background in social geography and finalised a PhD in Policy Sciences. Her research focus recently shifted to the topic of transformative citizens’ and community responses to climate change. She is an active fellow within the RSA as member of the Research Committee. She was also involved in the RSA Research Network on ‘Leadership in Urban and Regional Development’. Lummina Horlings participated in several INTERREG projects, co-coordinated the Marie Curie ITN program SUSPLACE on sustainable place-shaping ( , and is currently co-initiator and partner in the Marie Curie ITN project RECOMS on resourceful communities (  She edited several books, on Passion (2009), Vital Coalitions (2010), Leadership (2012), and the role of Culture in Regional Development (2015), and has written many peer-reviewed scientific articles. She is member of the academic board of the Platform Sustainable Society in Groningen.

Prof Ina Horlings

Prof Ina Horlings


ESI Trevithick Room