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EGENIS seminar: "The Disunity of Science and Unity of the World", Prof John Dupré (University of Exeter)

Egenis seminar series

This talk reflects on the relations between the philosophy of science and metaphysics. I have tried to show for many years that these are essential to one another, though with respect to a view of metaphysics that remains a minority one, that metaphysics must be grounded in empirical science, a so-called “naturalistic” metaphysics. I begin by sketching the view of disunity of science articulated in my 1993 book, The Disorder of Things. I then trace the evolution of my ideas about the implications of this thesis to metaphysics, leading to the advocacy of the processual metaphysics that I have been defending more recently. The adoption of processual metaphysics enables a proper reconciliation between a disunified science and the intuitively compelling thesis that there is only one world. Finally, illustrating my view that metaphysics and science are mutually informing, I illustrate some scientific consequences of this processual metaphysics.

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Venue: Byrne House, St German's Road, Streatham Campus, Exeter

Virtual via Zoom