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SoE Music Network reading group

Regular network meeting for staff and students (all welcome)

Event details

Hope you’ve had a good summer and welcome back for the autumn.  The next Music Network reading group session is coming up on Monday 3 October at 4.30pm.

Sergio has suggested the below paper with a short introduction as follows: This article is a model for teaching-learning and exchanging musical experiences in the context of detention but it may be helpful considering other contexts and situations. I thought that the way that they describe cultural differences and engage the audience in these discussions could be of some interest to our reading group.


An evaluation of a musical learning exchange: A case study in a U.S. prison 

Adam G Harry , Mary L Cohen and Liz Hollingworth, University of Iowa, USA


Cohen_et_al__2022_An_evaluation_of_a_musical_learning_exchange__A_case_study_in_a_US_prison.pdfArticle for discussion (230K)