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Decolonising Quantitative Teaching

presented by Dr Juvaria Jafri (Cambridge)

The teaching of quantitative methods has a crucial role to play in the decolonisation of undergraduate politics degree programmes, given that Eurocentrism determines the quantitative approaches used today. As such, the decolonisation of, and through, quantitative methods teaching is both possible and necessary.

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I will discuss some guiding principles for a decolonial approach to quantitative methods teaching and present substantive examples from political sociology, international political economy, and international development. These suggestions and examples show how a decolonial lens advances critical and emancipatory thinking in undergraduate students of politics when it is used with quantitative methods. These changes in pedagogy are necessary and beneficial for students and can be made without expert knowledge of the wider decolonisation project.


The talk will be loosely based the paper Decolonising quantitative research methods pedagogy: Teaching contemporary politics to challenge hierarchies from data which is available open access here.


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N.B. This seminar will take place in person


Knightley Boardroom