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GSI Seminar: Positive Tipping Points in Practice - Student Activism. Emma de Saram

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The burden of the climate crisis will disproportionately fall on young people, and they’re often at the forefront of the fight for climate justice. Activism has been instrumental in achieving many of the most significant social transformations in history, but it is difficult to identify what makes activism successful. At the University of Exeter, activism and campaigning is a huge part of many students' response to the climate crisis, especially when the clock is ticking.

But what is the role of student activism at the University of Exeter? How can we support students and work in cooperation to advocate for systemic change? How can we better understand the potential for student activism to tip the university into a new system?

Emma de Saram is a climate justice activist, history graduate, and the Vice President for Liberation and Equality at the Students Guild. Since first being involved with climate activism with Fridays for Future, she has been working across the country with several climate justice groups, coordinating campaigns, lobbying politicians, and has set up a repair cafe in her hometown. She is currently focusing on the ‘Shell Out’ campaign at the University.

In this talk, Emma will share some of her experiences so far, and consider what a positive tipping point for climate activism will look like at the University.


Building: One Marchant Syndicate Room A and online