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Workshop "Whither Open Science?"

ERC Project, Phil_OS Exploratory workshop

OS movement is transforming research, with OS policies adopted around the globe and widespread agreement on implementing key OS principles like openness, transparency and reproducibility. However, the philosophy of science underpinning the OS movement has not been clearly articulated. Moreover, there are significant epistemic risks in implementing OS across widely different research settings, such as the marginalisation of contributions from low-resourced environments. This raises questions about the relation between open and good science.

Event details

This workshop aims to bring together the Advisory Board members, Partners, and Collaborators of the project “A Philosophy of Open Science for Diverse Research Environments” for discussions on Open Science implementation, ongoing and potential research avenues for the project, and opportunities for collaborative work going ahead. As you know, the project and workshop are generously sponsored by the European Research Council and you will find more information and news here: .