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ASsuRED Study

Mood Disorders Centre Think Tank Seminar Series

Our guest speaker is Alexandra Elissavet Bakou from the University of Exeter and Prof Rose McCabe at City, University of London

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Self-harm and suicidal ideation are increasingly presenting to Emergency Departments (ED) in the UK and are considered key risk factors for suicide.

NICE recommends that people who present with self-harm receive a psychosocial assessment conducted by specialist mental health practitioners in the ED. However, while many people need further support, there is often limited capacity and access to resources and treatment. Dr Alexandra Bakou will present ASSURED,  a randomised controlled trial conducted in EDs for people who present with self-harm and/or suicidal thoughts. The study is funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and sponsored by Devon Partnerships NHS Trust and City, University of London.

The study is currently open for patient recruitment across London, Devon and the Midlands.


Online via Zoom