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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) and Exeter Food

Exeter Food Network has a great opportunity to learn about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) relating to the Exeter Food Network, from Dr Andy Jones (Impact Fellow for HASS).

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (or KTPs) are designed to deliver leading expertise into external organisations and bring about lasting, transformative change. They are an excellent and cost-effective way of accessing new expertise and allow organisations to push forward capacity by innovating at the cutting-edge of academia and industry. Given the diversity of research interests and approaches within Exeter Food, there are clearly opportunities for exploring whether KTPs might be appropriate for building research with some of your industry partners. Dr Andy Jones is an Impact Fellow for HASS and has been working with the KTP Team. He will be talking about benefits and challenges of engaging in KTPs, and will consider some directions for potential KTPs relating to the expertise and industry partners of the Exeter Food. There are various benefits for academics engaging in KTPs including:

  • Developing strong relationships with businesses and generating research income (a typical two-year project will generate around £170,000 of REF eligible research income).
  • Applying research to real business problems and develop impact case studies.
  • Exploring new research areas and generate high-quality research papers.
  • Generating real world examples to be used in teaching.
  • Working with businesses who are innovative in their field.

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