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Workshop - Past Material, Past Minds: Philosophy, Cognition & Archaeology

Egenis workshop

This workshop addresses methodological, theoretical and philosophical issues across cognitive archaeology and paleoanthropology. How are inferences drawn from material items to cognitive and social capacities? And from fossil and other specimens to demographic, behavioural and phylogenetic dynamics? What can knowing past minds tell us about the nature of cognition? How should cultural innovation and evolutionary novelties in the paleontological and archaeological records be treated? How should we understand the ontology of artefacts and specimens, and how does this relate to archaeological and paleoanthropological practice?

Event details

Speakers include Bruce Routledge (Liverpool), Giovanna Colombetti (Exeter), Adrian Currie (Exeter), Anton Killin (Bielefeld), Mathilde Lequin (Bordeaux), Andra Meneganzin (KU Leuven) and Ross Pain (Bristol).

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Registration deadline Monday 5th june 2023.


Byrne House