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Let’s Talk About… Series: Ethnic Minority Representation in Medical Education

In the 14th session of the Let’s Talk About Series, Naabil Khan will lead a discussion on the lack of ethnic minority representation in medical education, how this impacts clinical practice, student education and preparedness and the culture of medical education.

Event details

Naabil Khan is a BMBS student studying at Exeter. She has carried out multiple projects within the medical and non-medical spheres. Her roles have led her to speaking at the Exeter Respect Launch, Future Frontline events and the 2023 BMA conference. She is a podcast host with another Exeter colleague where she has used her platform to raise awareness about the GMC, the BMA, medical accessibility and other medical conversations. Alongside this, she is a writer for DYYV, a student-led news site, covering various medical and social topics in medical education. Aside from this, Naabil has also presented to the British Medical Association (BMA). Additionally, Naabil also co-hosts the podcast Very Junior Doctors with Chloe Jones.

Resources to explore before the session:

  1. Are 'whitewashed' medical textbooks putting black lives at risk?
  2. Lack of darker skin in textbooks, journals harm patients of color
  3. More Than Skin Deep: Underrepresentation of Brown and Black Skin in Medical Education

Key message:

Understanding the issue of scarce ethnic minority representation means that the medical world, as a collective, can work towards a future of representation and equality within the healthcare system. 

Questions to consider:
• What does representation mean to you?
• What impact does ethnic minority representation have on education?
• Why has a culture of ill-representation been present in medical education?

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For further information, please contact: Dr Musarrat Maisha Reza