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EGENIS seminar: "Open to Whom? And for What?: Emerging issues in open movements, digital heritage collections and the life sciences", Dr Andrea Wallace (University of Exeter

Egenis seminar series (erscheuled from 13 November 2023)

Globally, more than 1,600 cultural institutions and organisations have published digitised public domain collections and data under open licenses and public domain tools as part of the growing movement called open GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums). More than 95 million digital assets are now available for unfettered reuse. What have we learned about the potentials of digitsed collections and digitisation more generally? And what new trends or challenges are evident in global open GLAM activity?

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This talk uses empirical data to frame the emerging issues that open movements must now address, such as those related to data sovereignty, digital and intellectual property restitution, biases in heritage datasets, and AI, machine learning and computational processing. 

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Venue: Byrne House, Streatham Campus (places limited)

Virtual: via Zoom