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Hacktoberfest Hackathon Event in Exeter!

Much of the technological infrastructure we use relies on open source projects built and maintained by passionate people who make their work open and accessible – very often during their free time. For example, the whole Python programming language is an open-source project hosted on GitHub! Hacktoberfest is a yearly celebration of open source code taking place every October! It is all about giving back to open source projects while sharpening programming skills! We would like to invite you to become a part of this celebration!

Event details

To promote open source code culture in the University of Exeter, we are organising an open Hackathon, on Friday 6 October at the Streatham campus! The Hackathon is a full-day event where people get together and “hack”, i.e., write code. If you cannot commit for the full day, join nevertheless and stay less! Our purpose during this event is to write code that we can contribute to open source projects hosted on GitHub. In this way, we appreciate, and become part of, a huge community of open source projects shaping today’s landscape of technology and scientific computing.

The Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDSAI) will sponsor the event by providing morning and afternoon coffee/tea, as well as a midday lunch. The event will be coordinated by George Datseris, who has completed the last 5 Hacktoberfest events and will be helping newcomers with GitHub-related questions and etiquette. During the Hackathon, each participant will be working on their own chosen “project”. A “project” is an individual Pull Request contribution to an existing open source repository hosted on GitHub, such Python’s Pandas or Julia’s Differential Equations.


If you are a fan of open source code, and want to promote a culture of openness in science and technology, please do not hesitate to join the Hackathon by completing this form to register for the event.


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