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Research Methods Centre (RMC) and Social Networks Centre (ECSN) Research Seminar: "What (and whom) do we cite? On the coevolution of scientific collaboration and citation networks"- Juergen Lerner

Social Network Analysis Methods 15th-17th January 2024

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Scientific publication and citation networks are often used to quantify research productivity and impact. In this talk we discuss network patterns that might influence the selection of references of published papers, giving special emphasis to the interdependence between citation networks and coauthoring networks. We argue and demonstrate that scientific citations can partially be explained by authorship and collaboration networks and, vice versa, collaboration can partially be explained by the interrelated citation network. In an analysis of a large scientific network we focus on the interpretation and relative strength of effects explaining scientific publication and citation events with special emphasis on "mixed effects", such as the tendency of authors to cite their own work, the work, or references, of their collaborators, or the work of those who have cited their own work. This talk will mostly discuss conceptual ideas, results, and future work while some method details will be treated in the "REM" lectures on Wednesday.


- Lerner and Hancean (2023). Micro-level network dynamics of scientific collaboration and impact: relational hyperevent models for the analysis of co-author networks. Network Science, 11(1):5-35.

- Lerner and Lomi (2023). Relational hyperevent models for polyadic interaction networks. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A.

- Lerner, Hancean, & Lomi (2023). Relational hyperevent models for the coevolution of coauthoring and citation networks. arXiv preprint arXiv:2308.01722.


Reed Hall- Ibrahim Ahmed Conference Room