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EGENNIS seminar: "Interdisciplinarity, co-production and responsible innovation: from tick box to critical friendship", Dr Eleanor Hadley Kershaw (University of Exeter)

Egenis seminar series

‘Interdisciplinarity’, ‘co-production’ and ‘responsible innovation’ are increasingly invoked by funders, policymakers and academics as modes of scientific governance and practice that open up research to include a more diverse range of actors, concerns, expertise and knowledges. These approaches are promoted as key to developing ‘solutions’ to grand challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and sustainability transitions. They promise to surpass the limitations of more established forms of knowledge making and innovation governance, ensuring that research and emerging technologies achieve their full social, economic and environmental potential.

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However, these modes of research are notoriously challenging to undertake in practice. This talk reflects on five years’ work as an ‘embedded’ science and technology studies (STS) researcher in synthetic biology, biodiversity and environmental research contexts. It considers what role STS and cognate fields might play in addressing well-worn collaborative issues such as the subordination of social science, humanities and arts research; institutional and disciplinary culture clashes; and the marginalisation of more-than-human concerns. 

Venue: Byrne House, Steartham Campus

Virtual: via Zoom

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