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Maps in Stata

The two hour interactive workshop aims to equip the participants with the tools and the code to start making high-quality maps in Stata.

Event details

This lecture will cover packages requirements, different layer types (points, lines, polygons), shapefiles, map projections, and data structures required for making maps. We will also learn how to import shapefiles, merge data layers, generate choropleth or heat maps with an overview of customization options. Participants should have access to Stata 17 (ideally Stata 18), have an internet connection to install Stata packages, and have access to data files.

Bio: Asjad Naqvi is an economist based in Vienna, who has been using Stata for over 20 years. He has contributed to Stata with over 18 data visualization packages ( and regularly publishes Stata articles on the Stata Guide on Medium blog ( Examples of maps made in Stata can be found here:

To register for this online workshop, please click here.