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EGENIS seminar: "Knowing Citizen Science. Social epistemologies (and epistemic practices) in a national Citizen Science competition in Germany", Dr Julie Sascia Mewes (Museum für Naturkunde Berlin)

Egenis seminar series

As the acceptance of Citizen Science grows, so does the demand for more reflexivity in the field with regard to its epistemologies, which calls for increased collaboration between Citizen Science and the social sciences and humanities, especially STS (Mahr et al., 2018).

Event details

My presentation aims to theoretically connect with discourses on definitions of Citizen Science as a research field (Jaeger et al., 2023) and recent STS approaches that address, on the one hand, the social epistemologies of Citizen Science as a research framework and, on the other hand, epistemic practices in Citizen Science (Dübgen, 2020; Kasperowski and Kullenberg, 2019; Oudheusden et al., 2023; Strasser et al., 2019).

Based on document analysis (and initial insights into data from a small qualitative interview study), I develop an understanding of how Citizen Science is promoted and conceptualised in "Auf die Plätze! Citizen Science in deiner Stadt", a national citizen science competition in Germany.


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Venue: Byrne House

Virtual: via Zoom