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The Human Swan

Sacha Dench

Exclusive Event: What I learned flying with migratory birds, about swans, science and the secret weapon of Creativity in Conservation.

Event details

Join Sacha Dench, adventurer, conservationist, biologist, environmental artist, storyteller, ex freediving champion, Britannia Trophy award winner, Guinness world record holder and UN ambassador to the Convention on migratory birds, for a lunchtime talk with stunning visuals about what she learned from flying with birds and the power of creativity in conservation.

Sacha is known as the ‘Human Swan’ for having undertaken an astonishing journey, she paramotored over arctic tundra from Russia to the UK, following the Bewick swans along their migrational flight path, discovering why their numbers were in decline and uniting 11 countries in support along the way. She has also flown around the UK on battery power and whisky waste, and followed the ospreys to West Africa.

The talk will be followed by a panel discussion - with time for questions, and to explore scientific and creative collaboration opportunities, from those that are interested in Sacha's work, to those who want to explore the role of science and artistic collaborations in creating new understandings of environmental issues.

Refreshments will be available.

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Human Swan

Human Swan


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