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Biosciences Monthly Seminar Series - Anne Ridley

Part of the Biosciences Monthly Seminar Series.

"Mechanosignalling in endothelial cells"

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Endothelial cells lining the blood stream form a barrier between the blood and tissues, allowing selective passage of fluid and immune cells locally into the surrounding tissues in response to infections and tissue damage.  Endothelial cells are constantly exposed to variable shear and stretching forces in response to pulsatile blood flow, yet they are able to maintain their cell-cell barrier function. We have carried out RNAi screens of signalling components to identify genes that alter endothelial junctional integrity, actomyosin and/or mechanotransduction to the nucleus. The results of these screens will be described, as well as the approaches we are using to test key screen hits in endothelial cells exposed to different types of mechanical forces. 


Newman Collaborative Lecture Theatre (C/D)