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IDSAI Research Seminar with Professor Dr Markus Strohmaier, Chair of Data Science in the Economic & Social Sciences, University of Mannheim

Seminar Title: Bridging Worlds: Large Language Models in the Social Sciences

We are delighted to welcome Professor Dr Markus Strohmaier.

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Abstract: In this talk, we focus on the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) for the social sciences. We explore recent advancements in LLMs, underscoring how these models represent not only technological breakthroughs but also potent tools for social science research. The talk will illuminate the diverse applications of LLMs in understanding complex social phenomena, from analyzing societal trends to decoding intricate patterns of human behavior.

We will discuss the opportunities LLMs present for social scientists, such as their ability to process and analyze vast amounts of qualitative data, offering new insights and perspectives. The potential of LLMs to revolutionize traditional methodologies in fields like sociology, political science, and psychology will be a key focus. This talk aims to provide an overview of the current state and future potential of LLMs in the social sciences, encouraging a dialogue between computer scientists and social scientists to unlock the full potential of this exciting interdisciplinary field.

Professor Dr Markus Strohmaier has been invited by Dr Mohsen Mosleh, Senior Lecturer in Business Analytics at University of Exeter Business to speak as part of the IDSAI Research Seminar Series 2023-2024.

Seminar Title: 'Large Language Models for the Social Sciences'

Delivery and Registration:

Professor Strohmaier's seminar will be online only, using Zoom (previously Microsoft Teams). To register, click here.

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