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CSI Monday Majilis

Dalal S al-Baroud with Sayed Ismail A al-Behbehani

Rewilding Arabic Literature

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Dalal S al-Baroud with Sayed Ismail A al-Behbehani
Rewilding Arabic Literature
Monday Majlis Online on the 12th of February, 17: 00-18:30 (UK time)
Centre for the Study of Islam, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, Exeter.
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Abstract: Dalal has recently published a poetic play for young adults Shādin wa-Siḥr al-Farāsha (Shādin and the Charm of the Butterfly), where the main characters are animals that are (or were) part of the Arabian desert landscape. She aims to revive both a rich literary tradition in Arabic and to celebrate the wildlife of Arabia. Sayed Ismail had published a work Wuḥūsh al-Qaṣīda (The Beats of the Ode) that explores the representation of indigenous Arabian animals by pre-Islamic poets. His academic study also aimed to call on authorities and the public to save such wild animals from extinction.
In this Majlis, Sayed Ismail will discuss with Dalal her experience and motivations writing the play, especially her attempt to rejuvenate this genre of Arabic writing and her study of the symbolism of animals in Arabic literature. Likewise, Dalal will converse with Sayed Ismail about his book, the motivations behind it, and his research combining conservation studies, history and literature.
Bios: Dalal S al-Baroud (PhD in comparative literature, SOAS) is a published poet and an Assistant Professor at the Arabic Language and Literature department of The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (Kuwait).
Sayed Ismail A al-Behbehani is concluding his PhD thesis at the Institute  Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, while he works as manager to the Arab Islamic Science Museum at the Sheikh Abdullah al-Salem Cultural Centre (Kuwait). 

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