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CYP Wellbeing seminar series- Duncan Astle - Development, diversity and data science: A transdiagnostic approach to understanding neurodevelopment

Development, diversity and data science: A transdiagnostic approach to understanding neurodevelopment

Whilst certain modelling techniques might appear new, in reality they offer us a formal way of addressing some of the most long-standing questions at the heart of developmental science.

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Bio: Duncan is the Gnodde Goldman Sachs Professor of Neuroinformatics at the Department of Psychiatry, and a Programme Leader at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge. He is also a Fellow and Director of Studies at Robinson College. He is the Chair of the University of Cambridge's LGBT+ Staff Network, and a member of the MRC's Neuroscience and Mental Health Board. 

Abstract: Macroscopic brain organisation emerges early in life, even prenatally, and continues to change through adolescence and into early adulthood. The emergence and continual refinement of large-scale brain networks, connecting neuronal populations across anatomical distance, allows for increasing functional integration and specialisation. But this gradual process of network emergence is incredibly variable across individuals, and it is not clear why the diversity exists, what consequences it holds for cognition, or what factors might shape it over time.  

This talk will showcase the application of different AI-inspired computational models to address three crucial challenges that we face as developmental scientists. Firstly, how do we capture the incredible heterogeneity that exists across childhood and adolescence, and do these differences map to established diagnostic categories? Secondly, can we build developmental models that formalise simple biological principles in order to capture complex developmental phenomena? Thirdly, can we use these models to bridge scales and species to establish fundamental and causal mechanisms that shape development?

The CYP Wellbeing Research Network are pleased to invite you to the next CYP Wellbeing @Exeter Research Network seminar taking place on Tuesday 9th April. Professor Duncan Astle is Professor of Neuroinformatics, within the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge. This will be a live in-person seminar at St Luke’s Campus, which will be live streamed to locations on both Penryn and Streatham Campuses. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available at all three venues.

Live at St Luke’s campus Baring Court, Room 128 or via live stream at Penryn campus Daphne du Maurier Seminar Room 1 and Streatham campus Washington Singer Room 234

Please register to attend here or email for more information. Please feel free to forward this to your colleagues and networks. Please note these events are open to all students as well as staff. Thank you.


Baring Court 128