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EGENIS seminar: "Tactical reporting, actionability and uncertainty in the genomic clinic ", Prof Adam Hedgecoe (Cardiff University)

Egenis seminar series

Drawing on ethnographic observations in over 290 clinical team meetings and covering a range of conditions from inherited heart disease, cancer, developmental delays and dysmorphia, this paper seeks to explore professional decision making around clinical genomic sequencing. With a specific focus on decisions about a particular kind of ambiguous result – called Variants of Uncertain Significance (VUS) – this paper examines the role of the perceived ‘actionability’ of specific genomic results. The key insight centres on the way in which clinicians’ beliefs about how parents will react to a result feed back into decisions about the status of such ambiguous results, builds on previous STS work around actionability from Nicole Nelson, Alberto Cambrosio and Stefan Timmermans.

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Venue: Byrne House.

Virtual: via Zoom

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Change of title from "Mopping up the mainstream: on the turfing of Clinical genomics"