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Reborn Eyes A documentary on surviving ocular mutilation

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In April 2021, protests broke out across Colombia after a tax reform was announced. The country witnessed an outpouring of dignified rage over socioeconomic inequalities, ongoing violence, environmental harms, and a lack of social support amid the COVID-19 crisis, among a host of other issues. Demonstrations were met with heavy-handed police repression, and as the days wore on, a pattern of injury began to emerge: tear gas canisters and rubber bullets seemingly aimed at the eyes of protesters.

The documentary 'Reborn Eyes' tells the story of MOCAO, the movement in resistance against ocular attacks, a group that has brought together victims of ocular mutilation in an urgent demand for justice, but also in the everyday struggles of surviving an attack on the right to see and be seen.

The film was co-produced by MOCAO and Lucía Guerrero Rivière as part of her Wellcome-funded PhD research, and supported by an additional Enhanced Research Award from the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health at the University of Exeter. In November 2023 the initiative was awarded the first National Centre for Research Methods Impact Prize.

This event includes discussion with Neil Corney; Neil will discuss his work within OMEGA on the monitoring of weapons use and torture, and will share some additional context on less lethal weapons (mis)use in an international context.


11:30 Arrival and brief introductions
11:40 Screening of 'Reborn Eyes'
12:15 Discussion with Neil Corney
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Departure

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