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IDSAI Research Seminar: 'Studying emotions at individual and collective levels' with Professor David Garcia

IDSAI Research Seminar

Event details

As part of the IDSAI Seminar series for 2023/2024, we are looking forward to welcoming David Garcia, Professor for Social and Behavioural Data Science at the University of Konstanz who will be speaking on 'Studying emotions at individual and collective levels'.

Summary: The wealth of data generated by our digital society, when analyzed through computational methods like natural language understanding, provides a new window to study human behavior at new scales and resolutions. This enables the analysis of social phenomena in which temporal dynamics and network structures require the use of large and detailed data. David Garcia will present an overview of his work on the analysis of emotions with social media data, one of the most accessible and powerful data sources in our digital society. He will present how a validation study against representative survey data shows the potential of social media macroscopes of emotions to track the emotions of a society. This has motivated our further work on emotion detection on social media data at the individual level and further applications of natural language processing to study online affective life.

Delivery and Registration: 

The seminar will be delivered online only, using Microsoft Teams. To register, please complete this form.

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