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Climate Change and Health Wikipedia Workshop

Calling all researchers with expertise in indoor air quality/damp/mould/fungi

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Wikipedia is read 22 billion times a month. It’s one of the biggest sources of information on climate change in the world. It is also the first - and often only - place where most people go for health information. The platform relies on volunteer editors to fill knowledge gaps and update climate articles.

You can help share accurate health and climate change information!

You are invited to a joint online workshop with the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR):

We need experts in health and climate change aspects of Indoor environments (incl. damp/mould/fungi) to help us improve the Wikipedia article Indoor air quality.

In the workshop we will improve publicly available knowledge by updating the Wikipedia article on indoor air quality, an important topic at the intersection of the climate crisis and health research. There is a clear need for improvement: This article is read by 5,000 people every month and does not currently mention any link between climate change and indoor air quality. This is a great opportunity to use an effective platform to mobilise evidence-based information, and share research and expert knowledge in an accessible way for a wider audience around the world.

About this event

The workshop will be 1 hour long and take place on Zoom. No previous experience regarding Wikipedia is necessary as the workshop won't involve Wikipedia editing: we will be editing a simple Google doc collaboratively. The resulting changes will be then added to Wikipedia by the organisers.

Register for one of the two dates on EventBrite.

Contact Tatjana Baleta at if you have any questions.

Find out more about the Wikimedia project at the University of Exeter here.