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Astro Seminar: Astrophysical simulations with AMUSE

Seminar by Steven Rieder, KU Leuven

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Simulations are a useful tool in astrophysics, as they allow us to study how objects we see can evolve or have evolved in the past. While many simulation tools focus on a specific topic, in the AMUSE project we take a different approach.

In AMUSE we have created Python interfaces to many well-used codes from different domains (like gravity, hydrodynamics and stellar evolution). This allows us to combine these codes in a single simulation. This allows us to run simulations of e.g. molecular clouds forming stars, which then in time evolve and release their mass back into the cloud.

I will show examples of work I have been doing with and on AMUSE in recent years, including on star formation, binary stellar evolution, and stellar winds.


4th floor Physics Building