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Datathon Conference: Quantifying heterogeneity and variability in human daily rhythms

uncover new and creative approaches for studying time series of stress hormone in humans

This meeting is the final part of the University of Exeter Datathon: Quantifying heterogeneity and variability in human daily rhythms. Venue: Streatham Campus (TBC)

Event details

We will provide access to our start-of-the-art dataset, comprising time series data of multiple hormones from 214 healthy volunteers, sampled every 20 minutes over a period of 24 hours. Metadata on physiological attributes, such as sex, age, BMI, blood pressure, and behavioural markers, such as sleep and mealtimes, will also be provided. Using these data, working in teams, you will be asked to

  • Quantify the contribution of physiological parameters to hormonal variability.
  • Quantify the contribution of behavioural parameters to hormonal variability.
  • Perform a quantitative comparison of these different sources of variability.

More details and registration here