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IDSAI/Business School Research Seminar: 'Collaboration and Conflict in Human-Human and Human-Machine Teams' with Professor Taha Yasseri

IDSAI/Business School Seminar

Event details

We are delighted to hold this seminar in collaboration with the University of Exeter Business School and are looking forward to welcoming Professor Taha Yasseri, School of Sociology, University College Dublin, who has been invited by Dr Mohsen Mosleh and will be speaking on ' Collaboration and Conflict in Human-Human and Human-Machine Teams'.

Abstract: In this lecture, we present findings from three behavioral experiments that focus on dyadic interactions in both human-human and human-machine groups. Dyadic interactions, which form the foundation of our collective intelligence, have been a relatively underexplored area of study. Moreover, when it comes to collaboration with intelligent machines, the impact of hybrid team members' characteristics on their collaborative efforts remains largely unexamined. Our three experiments cover a range of collaboration types, from tasks in near-field experimental settings to highly stylized collaborative games. We investigate various attributes of team members, including their levels of experience, gender, and political tendencies, as well as how the communication of this information within the dyad influences the efficiency and accuracy of the team's performance.

Delivery and Registration:

The seminar will be delivered hybrid, using Microsoft Teams. To register and to get the link to Teams, please complete this form.

Any Queries: Contact IDSAI.



Laver Building LT3